Preaching assignment in Segamat and Malacca (30 Oct – 2 Nov 2015)

Serving the Lord takes some sacrifice and trusting that God will make everything good in his own sweet time. Ecclesiastes 3:11. While I travelled to Segamat to preach at the Church worship service this evening, I heard that my mother’s BP went up too high at 220 and my wife brought her to the hospital.
I wanted to just put everything down and go back to see my mum but I know that I needed to be responsible to finish the task that God has given to me – tomorrow to preach in a church in Malacca and a marriage enrichment seminar on Sunday evening before returning home. My mother was discharged this evening after I finished preaching at 9.40 pm in Segamat. I can now be comforted and complete my preaching engagement till Monday. I thank God for a wonderful and caring wife who took my mother to the hospital. Praise be to God!


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