Review of June 2016

It was a month of exciting ministry for the month of June. I ministered at two Malaysian churches, 3 church camps overseas and a Boys Brigade Leadership Camp in Singapore.

10-12 June 2016: Kajang AOG Church

I conducted a children’s ministry training at Kajang AOG Church in Malaysia. The teachers of the children’s ministry had a great time of learning and invited me back to run their Children’s Ministry Vacation Bible School to be held in March 2017.

I also preached at 2 worship services over the weekend and they invited Dr Enoch Fernando to lead in the worship. We had an inspiring weekend.

13-16 June 2016: Pasir Panjang Hill Brethren Church Camp in Batam

Ruth and I organised the games, led the worship and taught the children at PPHBC Church Camp in Holiday Inn Batam. We had a wonderful time with the kids and 3 children prayed to receive Christ for the first time at the camp.

16-18 June 2016: St James Church Camp in JB

Ryan and I ministered to the children at St James Church Camp in Pan Pacific JB. We had my eldest brother, Leslie and Bel  together with Darren from St James Church, to help us mind the children. We had an amazing time ministering to the children.

18-19 June 2016: Breakthrough City Church in Malacca

I preached at the worship services at Breakthrough City Church in Malacca on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. There were many new members serving in the worship ministry and a number of people came forward for prayer after the sermon.

20-22 June 2016: Hinghwa Methodist Church Camp in Malacca

The last church camp I ministered was at HInghwa Methodist Church Camp in Malacca. The children were exuberant and I had a great time ministering to the children. A number of the children shared of their vision they had during soaking time in the Holy Spirit.

23-24 June 2016: 12Br Boys Brigade (Barker Road Methodist Church) in Singapore

I arrived back in Singapore on 22 June and ready to minister to the members of the BB Coy in ACS Barker. Looking forward to a time of teaching in this leadership camp.


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