Preached at GBI El-Shaddai Tretes on Sunday (5 Feb 2017)

I preached at Gereja Bethel Indonesia El-Shaddai in Tretes on Sunday 5 Feb 2017 and proceeded to recce for a Retreat for the people living in the Slum to be held in March. Ended the day with dinner with my Surabaya friends.

Thank you Pastor Dessy for inviting me to preach at your church and all my friends – Hindun and Yeanni, Jugo and Irene, Nanik, Steven and Cynthia, Erwin and wife for your gifts and hospitality.

3 responses to “Preached at GBI El-Shaddai Tretes on Sunday (5 Feb 2017)”

  1. Hello, sorry before. For your information that church name is GBI El-Shaddai Tretes not GBI Tretes. GBI Tretes is name of my church location in Jalan Komcis No 38 Tretes with Pastor Purwanto GS. Would you please to corection that. Thank U & God Bless U 🙂

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    1. Thank you Dio for your feedback. Our sincere apologies as we are not familiar with the slight differences in the many Churches in Indonesia.
      Your country has so many Churches and Christians that we are amazed at what God is doing in Indonesia. Praise the Lord. We have made the necessary amendments to the posts. God bless.

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      1. Thank you so much for your reply & corection. God Bless U too 😊


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