Summary of ministry in Palembang from 16-23 Feb 2017

It was a fruitful ministry trip to Palembang from 16 to 23 Feb 2017. 

Pastor David Herson accompanied me in the ministry to preach at an evening service and a chapel service at a kindergarten, shared his testimony and sang at all the rest of the chapel, seminar and training sessions. 

I would like to thank Pastor Chandra from Gereja Kristus Yesus and Petrus CF from IPEKA School for inviting me to minister at the following ministries:

1. Teachers and Staff Weekly Devotion on 16 Feb 2017 where I preached on “The use of our tongue”

2. Parenting Seminar on 18 Feb 2017 where 300+ parents attended.

3. Teachers Training on 18 Feb 2017 on “Being a Teacher”

4. Ministered at the pulpit at 3 Sunday Sunday on 19 Feb 2016 at Gereja Kristus Yesus Palembang. I preached on “Growing Disciples to be more like Jesus”. 

After the morning service we went to visit Uncle Min Liang whom I baptised in my last trip to Palembang more than a year ago and then to hospital to visit a student who was down with dengue fever. 

After the evening service, we had dinner before visiting an Orphanage run by Susanto Komah.

5. We ministered at 3 Chapel Services in IPEKA School on 20 Feb 2017. I shared to the P3-P6 on “Social Media, Gaming and Internet addiction”.

For the P1-2 and Kindergarten, we had a Superhero for Jesus programme. 

6. On 21 Feb 2017, we had a day of rest at the cinema before ministering at a Mission Post of GKY Church where Pastor David Herson preached on “Making the right choices taken from Genesis 13:11 – Lot choosing the valley of Jordan”.

7. We had our last day of ministry with IPEKA School for the Junior High School and High School students (SMP and SMA) on 22 Feb 2017. I shared on “Gaming, Pornography, Social Media and Internet Addiction”. 

After lunch we visited and ministered to a teacher’s mother in hospital. 

We return to our homes on 23 Feb 2017. We did a lot of ministry in Palembang and  we look forward to many more ministry as we surrender ourselves to God’s guidance and direction in or ministry.

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