Ministry at Surabaya together with friends from Cairnhill Methodist Church 9-12 March 2017

We had a wonderful time of ministry at Bukit Doa Immanuel in Tretes from 9-11 Mar 2017. There were about 80 poor people living in the slum, 15 Surabaya ministry leaders and 13 mission trippers from Cairnhill Methodist Church.

We taught on overcoming worry (Jo-Ann See), anger (Ruth), depression and fear (Rev Raymond) ministered to them in prayer during altar ministry. We also had 4 workshops:

  1. Hair grooming
  2. Face Make-up
  3. Manicure & Pedicure
  4. Knot tying and first aid bandaging for the men

Ruth shared on “Being a woman of God” from Proverbs 31 & 5 couples shared on “Staying in love in our marriages” during the morning devotions.

We are flying back to Singapore tomorrow morning (12 Mar 2017)

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