Temporary slow down in ministry in April and May

I will be taking minimum overseas ministry engagement in April and May due to personal reasons – my mother has gone through a major surgery last month and she will be undergoing radiation and chemotherapy these two months and I will be bringing her in and out of hospital for the treatments. 

Therefore, I will be ministering in the following engagements from April to June:

13 April – Clementi Woods Kindergarten Easter programme

14 April – Good Friday at Queenstown Baptist Church

15 April – Methodist Church of Incarnation

16 April – Easter Programme at Queenstown Baptist Church

7-13 May – Arrows Bible School in Philippines

31 May – 3 June – Klang Glad Tidings Church Camp  in Malacca

5-8 June – St Andrew’s Cathedral Family Camp at JB 

9-12 June – Revival Centre Church Camp in Malacca

12-15 June – Charis Methodist Church Camp

16-19 June – Trinity Methodist Church Camp


Rev Raymond Sim

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