Ministry trip to Medan 20-26 Sept 2017

Another trip of ministry in Medan from 20-26 Sept 2017. Ps David Herson and I had a great time ministering to the youths from Tanjung Morawa Methodist Church in Parapat, Lake Toba at their Youth Camp Hope 2017. 

Ps David preached on Sunday at Tanjung Morawa Methodist Church while I preached at Wesley Methodist Church Medan. 

Thank you for a wonderful time of ministry and fellowship in Parapat and Medan.

Resien Chiu and Awi, thank you for your hospitality, dinners and opening the door to your church and the Youth Camp. Thank you Pak Awi for driving us to the Batak Museum.

Wali Yaprianko and Mesien, thank you for your generous support of the airticket & train ticket and dinner.

Welson Siur and Rita Huang, thank you for the dinner and fellowship tonight.

Ibu Yetty Millie, terimakasih melayani bersama-sama di Parapat.

Mukpin Tham and Lenny Sin, thank you for driving us to Parapat and lunch and the fellowship about drones. 

Pastor Petrus Wijaya, thank you for making time to have lunch and catching up with old TTC days.

Pastor Hembang Tambun, thank you for the privilege of preaching at your church on Sunday.

Pastor David Herson, thank you for interpreting my sermons and coming to make this youth camp extra special. 

Mario Andreas, thank you for organising the camp with Ibu Yetty

Karnadi Lim, thank you for picking us up at the airport on the first day. 

And to the Lord Jesus for making this ministry trip a memorable one.

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