Ministry at IPEKA Christian School (12 July) and Panti Kasih Bapa – orphanage (14 July) in Palembang.u

Stefen (from Surabaya) and I arrived safely in Palembang where we met Pak Pangsuri from IPEKA.

We were immediately brought to IPEKA School to meet the new Location Coordinator (Ibu Lina). We had lunch at Kiki Jap’s cafe together with Amah Komah.

I preached to the Teachers and Staff at IPEKA Christian School.

Today we went to minister at an orphanage called Panti Kasih Bapa.

We had a time of worship before preaching the word of God to the children. We also gave every child a haversack bag which I bought from Minisol in Icon Mall in Palembang.

We also had a good time to play separation anxiety game with children.

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