Summary of ministry in Palembang (12-17 July 2018)

I left for Palembang on 12 July 2018. Stefen, my interpreter from Surabaya arrived Palembang at almost the same time as I and we proceeded directly to IPEKA Christian School to share with the Teachers and Staff on “Discipleship at the workplace”.

On 14 July, we ministered at Kasih Bapa Orphanage invited by Pak Susanto. In the evening I preached at the Youth Service at Efrata Methodist Church.

On 15 July, I preached at The morning and evening worship services at Efrata Methodist Church. The LCEC chairman, Pak Harriadi hosted lunch at a Japanese Restaurant and Pendeta Iwan brought us for Seafood dinner.

Thank you Pak Harriadi and Pendeta Iwan for the delicious meals.

Pak Susanto hosted seafood dinner and brought us around the Asian Games venue which will be held in August.

On 17 July, we visited Uncle Liang whom I baptised 2 years back. We ministered to him and another elderly friend Pak Komariah.

I left for the airport in the evening of 17 July 2018.

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