Ministry in Manado (12-16 October 2018)

Six days of ministry in Manado together with my new friends, Rolly, Patricia and Adis.

I arrived on 12 October and ministered at the 3rd Anniversary of Bersorah Ministries in the evening.

On the morning of 13 October, I was the speaker for a Family Seminar on “Discipleship in the Family” organised by Women’s Prayer Group.

In the evening, I preached at Persekutuan Doa Oikumene Kasih which is House Church held in Ria Rio Restaurant.

On Sunday 14 October, I preached at 3 Churches, in the morning at GPDI Marturia Mayondi, GPDI Kota Pujian and in the evening at International Community Service held in the Manado Mayor Official Residence.

My last ministry was with the Aglow International of Manado held at a Del Selma Restaurant in Kawasan Megamas in the evening of 15 Oct. We had a short rest break in the late morning visiting the giant statue of Jesus.

On the way to the airport, we visited a fellow pastor friend who became a father when his baby boy was born in hospital.

At Besorah Ministry

At Family Seminar by Women’s Prayer Network

At Persekutuan Doa Oikumene Kasih

GPDI Marturia Mayondi

GPDI Kota Pujian

International Community Service

Women’s Aglow International

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